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Church History

"those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added...."

In Acts 2 we read about the establishment of the New Testament Church on the Day of Pentecost. Peter, along with the Apostles, preached to the multitudes on this day.

The church at Lexington continues to follow this pattern of worship today. 

The present congregation in Lexington started around 1948 or 1949 with a weeknight Bible study held at the Piedmont Funeral Home Chapel on South Main Street. The number in attendance for this first meeting is unknown. The bible class was conducted by Brother James G. Binkley, the preacher from Salisbury, and Brother Cecil Pinkston lead the singing. Soon after that initial Bible study, regular services were conducted on Sunday afternoons and on a night during the week. The Ernest Shoaf family from Salisbury conducted the services at that time. 

Around 1955, Bill Williams, an employee of Belks, began conducting the worship services at his home. As attendance grew, the church moved their meeting place to a room at a local funeral home. Paul Sykes from Salisbury assisted with the teaching and preaching of the gospel. Later the congregation rented a house on Fairview Drive where Howard Johnson and Robert Petrie, from High Point, conducted the services. Jimmy Stutts also helped with the coordination of the services, preaching his first sermon. He later became a gospel preacher in the Lord's church. 

Jack Bailey from Winston-Salem began preaching around 1959 or 1960 and the property on the corner of Oak Avenue and Peeler Street was purchased. The congregation met in a cinder block building and the wood frame house became the preacher's home. At that time, area congregations of the Lord's church, such as South Fork and South Main in Winston-Salem, Warner's Chapel in Clemmons and North Main Street in Mocksville, helped meet the financial needs of the congregation. The first full-time minister, Clayton Winters, was hired followed by Walter Neal and Floyd Gentle. The Church continued to meet until 1967 at that location. With an attendance of around 50, the church moved to a site on Robert Everhart Road just off Highway 29-70 North. With the moving of the Gentle family, Jerry Richardson became a part-time minister for the congregation. 

In 1969 Adrian Maynard from Kannapolis began preaching for the church. He, along with Danny Davis began sign language interpretation for the deaf as the church at that time had several deaf members. The church currently still has deaf members and sign language interpretation is still provided for the worship service.

Following Maynard, Edmond Hicks worked with the congregation from 1972-76; Scott Hurston from 1976-1981; Clifford Shaver from 1981-88; Chuck Fetters from 1988-96; Bill Williams for 6 months; Craig Hallman from 1996-2001; Roy Markham from 2001-02; Jeff Kelley from 2003-2008; Robert Goff, Jr., from Goldsboro, NC, from 2009-2012. The current minister is Brock Shanks who is a graduate of Central Carolina School of Preaching in Sumter, SC.


Lexington church of Christ is presently self-supporting and moved to its current location at 1330 Piedmont Drive on Sunday, April 27, 1997. An open house was held on June 22, 1997, and 187 people were in attendance for that occasion.

Lexington church of Christ currently has an average attendance of 120 and is a growing congregation.

Church Leadership


Elder Frankie Cline
(336) 210-7581

Brock Shanks

Elder John Harper
(336) 250-4869


Deacon Michael Hinesley

Deacon Andrew Kivett


Brock Shanks
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