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In Our Prayers

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!" -James 5:16 

Friends & Family

  • Condolences to the family of Pat Malachi, cousin of Renard Edwards. Ms. Malachi passed away on Tuesday, February 18th, after a short battle with colon cancer. Please keep the family of friends of Ms. Malachi in your prayers as they deal with the loss of their loved one.

  • Baby Jenny, the 9-month old daughter of a friend of Amy Beck, is undergoing experimental gene treatments after being born without a needed gene.

  • John Tucker, the husband of Sarah Tucker the niece of Nancy Cockerham, will soon be placed in the care of Hospice.

  • Linda Clark, the grandmother of Lauren Kivett, will have back surgery. Linda's brother is also very ill and she has requested prayers of the church.

  • Marion Carr has asked for our church to pray for the Pottstown church of Christ in Pottstown, PA.

  • Clark Thompson, a brother in Christ, has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. It is in his shoulders, bones, a kidney, and possibly other places. His son, Mark, has requested prayers for him.

  • Rick & Sharon Beck, used to attend at Lexington, are both struggling with cancer and would like prayers.

  • Michelle Stanley, a 45-year-old friend of the Downs, had her aortic valve replaced In October and has been back and forth between the hospital and rehab since the surgery and is now under 90 lbs. and is not doing well at all.

  • Eva Hunter, the sister of Tommy McDuffie, has various health issues and she will most likely be placed in a nursing facility soon as her health continues to deteriorate and she needs constant care.

  • Julie Heintz, daughter of Ruth Hall, is battling lung cancer.

  • Pam Howe, a coworker and a friend of Brian Downs, just found out that her breast cancer has come back in her spine and she will start radiation on Monday.

  • Annette Meador, the wife of a co-worker of Michael Hinesley, is dealing with some health issues and one that requires constant monitoring and is also undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Lee Florence, the father of Dixie Black, continues to deal with various health issues.

  • Janie Lanning, the sister of Mary Kossel, is having problems with her kidneys.

  • Debbie Pedrazzi, a member of the church of Christ in Boise, ID, has a brain tumor and would like the prayers of the church. Also remember David, her husband, as they battle this issue together.

  • Anthony Trent, the brother of Rusty Trent, has stage 4 black lung disease.

  • Blake Shore, the son of Amber and Adam Shore who are friends of the Hinesley's, has tuberous sclerosis and also suffers from epileptic seizures.

Church Family

  • Continue to remember Sister Ruby Caudle & her family as they deal with the loss of Brother John Caudle.

  • The Fortini's will be moving to Washington State to be closer to her children and they are requesting prayers that all will go well with their move.

  • Larry Carr is improving and gaining back strength from his surgery. He is undergoing rehab at home and there is a possibility that he has some nerve damage.

  • Ted Royster continues to deal with various health issues.

  • Gary Yokeley has finished his chemotherapy and will see the doctor soon and is hoping to be able to be out and about in March.

  • Mildred Bean is now at Somerset Court in Mocksville, Room 226.

  • Brenda Hazel is in Room 1 at Brookstone in Lexington and she would enjoy having visitors.

  • Gary Black is undergoing rehab following hip replacement surgery.

  • Ron Stockton has been diagnosed with kidney failure. He and Ginger really need some encouragement so please keep them both in your prayers.

  • We are in the cold and flu season and several of our church family members seem to be dealing with these issues.

  • Please continue to remember our elderly and shut-ins in our prayers.