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In Our Prayers

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!" -James 5:16 

Friends & Family

  • Jody Smith, the wife of Randy Smith, has cancer and a stint was inserted in her esophagus to help her swallow food. Keep Jody and Randy in your prayers.

  • Lyndia Jones, the mother of April Shanks, is recovering from cataract surgery last Thursday, March 16th.

  • Sue Reece, a sister of Nancy Cockerham, is not well and the family expects her to pass any day.

  • The Grandmother (not Ellera) of Brittany Hedrick, is in Hospice care.

  • Bud Wright, the grandfather of Lindsay Wilson, is recovering from surgery. The doctors discovered cancer during the surgery and he will need to undergo testing. Please pray for a quick recovery and good test results.

  • Sharon Beck, the mother of Tracy Beck, is battling cancer.

  • Sherrie Davis, the mother of Jessica Sparks, is recovering from a broken leg and is feeling okay. Prayers would be appreciated. Please pray for a speedy recovery.


  • Betty Godbey, a former member at Lexington, is at the Bryan Center and she has been moved to Room 205.

  • Chris McNeill, a friend of Michael Hinesley, continues to undergo treatments for cancer and appreciates the prayers. 


  • Charlene Peebles, the daughter of Christine Peebles, had her first round of treatment. She has multiple rounds of treatment yet to go.

  • Mark Hutchins, the brother of Lisa Holder's neighbor, has cancer and would appreciate the prayers of the church.

  • Mary Lawson, the mother of Janet Caudle,  continues to struggle with various health issues but is doing much better.

Church Family

  • Ron Stockton was informed by his doctor that he will not be having back surgery. He will have a biopsy on the bone islands in his back and if cancer shows in the biopsy, he will e referred to a neuro-oncology surgeon at Baptist Hospital.

  • Larry Carr continues his long road to a full recovery at home so please keep both Larry and Marion in your prayers.

  • Samantha Peters has TMJ and an ear infection.

  • Paul Oldham has been dealing with strep throat since last week.

  • Kathy Starks is home from the hospital recovering from COVID.

  • Gary Harper continues to deal with ongoing health issues.

  • Henry McDuffie is not feeling well and his brother, Tommy, is staying with him.


  • Gloria Waddle is dealing with low blood pressure issues.


  • Ellera Lambeth is dealing with eye problems.​​


  • Nancy Cockerham is scheduled to have knee replacement surgery on April 17th.

  • Ruby Caudle is dealing with various health issues.

  • Brenda Hazel is at Brookstone in Lexington and she would enjoy having visitors.​​​

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