In Our Prayers

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!" -James 5:16 

Friends & Family

  • Robert & Carolyn Goff both continue to deal with health issues. Robert is dealing with a-fib and congestive heart failure and has been placed on new medication and will continue to be monitored. Carolyn continues to undergo treatments and tests to determine the level and types of treatment for cancer. They are both staying positive and are very appreciative of all the prayers.

  • Jodi Smith had an overnight stay at the hospital last week for cancer treatment. 

  • Cara Martinez, the daughter of Beverly Harper’s friend Mary Comer, is undergoing treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. 

  • Barbara Church, a co-worker of John & Beverly Harper at Char’s, is having some health issues.

  • Ted Harvin, a gospel preacher, is recovering from surgery and is on light duty during his recovery. 

  • Lonnie Phillips, the brother of Virginia Sherman, continues to recover from a stroke. 

  • Randall Tolles, a teacher at West Davidson High School, was in a serious car accident and sustained leg and vertebrae injuries.

  • Joyce Wilder, sister of James Cockerham, is undergoing chemo.

  • Tammy Mashburn, a family member of Lindsay Wilson, has pancreatic cancer. Pray for upcoming treatments to be successful.

  • The Husband of Kelly Hudspeth, a friend of Misty Hinesley, has four children and her husband is the main caregiver for the children. He recently fell and broke his neck and is paralyzed.

  • Connie Harris, the wife of Wanda Cline’s high school basketball coach, has cancer and will undergo radiation, chemo,  and surgery.

  • Janet Griffin, a friend of Wanda Cline, has congestive heart failure.

Church Family

  • Sue McGee is in room 2319 at Forsyth Medical Center where they continue to run tests to find out what is causing her stomach problems. She wants to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day and misses everyone.

  • Tommy Monk is now receiving Hospice services and care while remaining at Pine Ridge.

  • Bob Waddle has a tear in his rotator cuff and the doctors will be treating it with medication.

  • Joyce Murray is home recovering from her second knee surgery.

  • Lisa Holder is traveling abroad visiting Maddie and has asked for prayers for safe travel.

  • Ron Stockton has a wound on his leg that has yet to heal. 

  • Larry Carr is doing much better although he is having some weakness in his legs.

  • Chris Hedrick was scheduled to have surgery on his foot on April 15th. He injured his foot some time ago while at work.

  • Gary Yokeley is getting weaker but still has a positive attitude.​​​​​​

  • Marion Carr continues to deal with various health issues.

  • Brenda Hazel is in Room 1 at Brookstone in Lexington and she would enjoy having visitors.​​​

  • Please continue to remember our elderly and shut-ins in our prayers.