In Our Prayers

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!" -James 5:16 

Friends & Family

  • Diane Barger, the mother of Tammy Downs, has discovered that her cancer has returned and will resume treatments soon. 

  • Jim Webber, the husband of Maryann Webber, is home resting. He is improving although weak, and tired, and remains on oxygen at home.

  • Liam Starlipper, the 6-year-old grandson of Virginia Sherman, is much improved and home from the hospital. 

  • Mark Hutchins, the brother of Lisa Holder's neighbor, has cancer and would appreciate the prayers of the church.

  • Charlene Peebles, the daughter of Christine Peebles, has started a new cancer treatment.

  • Kelly Florence, brother of Dixie Black, is recovering from surgery to repair a broken hip.

  • Michael Hinesley, the dad of Michael Hinesley, continues to progress following neck surgery. 

  • Rick Barnes, the brother-in-law of Frankie Cline, still remains in ICU following surgery more than 8 weeks ago.

  • Robert Humphrey, the nephew of Virginia Sherman, is looking for a new doctor after his doctor relocated.

  • Mary Lawson, the mother of Janet Caudle,  continues to struggle with various health issues but is doing much better.

  • Sandra Johnson, the grandmother of Jessica Sparks, is in a nursing facility in her hometown undergoing physical therapy. Please also remember Sherri in your prayers as is her caretaker.​

  • Tammy Mashburn, a family member of Lindsay Wilson, has pancreatic cancer. Pray for upcoming treatments to be successful.

Church Family

  • Carolyn Spurrier has shown great improvement and is now home on oral antibiotics. She will have home health approximately 3 days a week and a follow-up in a month with Urology and CT scan.

  • Holly Berrier is scheduled for a heart ablation on December 15th. 

  • Henry McDuffie received good news. He does not have prostate cancer but it could turn into cancer so they are taking preventative measures and treatments to prevent it from becoming cancer.

  • Tommy McDuffie is dealing with some health issues and is also helping care for his brother Henry as he deals with cancer.

  • Ruby Caudle is dealing with various health issues.

  • Brenda Hazel is at Brookstone in Lexington and she would enjoy having visitors.​​​

  • Many of our number are suffering from the flu, flu-like symptoms, and various other illnesses. Those include Brooklynne Sparks, Stacy Stanley, Gloria Waddle, Jennifer Oldham, Mary Kossel, the Christie family, the Hinesley family, and Samantha Peters. So please keep our church family in your daily prayersSue McGee continues to deal with various health issues​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.