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In Our Prayers

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!" -James 5:16 

Friends & Family

  • Sara Carter, Ellera Lambeth’s sister, fell last week. She broke her femur and a bone in her neck. She had surgery last Sunday to repair her injuries.

  • Kenneth Byerly, Ellera Lambeth’s nephew, passed away last Saturday. Please keep the Byerly Family in your prayers.

  • Eric Barnhart, Linda Carter’s nephew, is now out of critical care, after having a massive heart attack. The family is appreciative of the prayers.

  • David Davis, Jessica Sparks' father, continues to need our prayers for his recovery. He has a hematoma on top of his blood clots. He is being seen by a wound specialist and a physical therapist. He will remain hospitalized while undergoing strenuous therapy.

  • James Stanley, son of Stacy and Joyce, is now in rehab at Abbot‘s Creek, after his recent heart surgery.

  • Our condolences to the family of Linda Sipe, Shirley Willard’s sister, who passed away.

  • Frances Wright, Lindsay Wilson’s grandmother, is recovering from a stroke and a fall. She is back in Galax, VA, receiving rehab. Please pray for Frances and for Lindsay‘s mother, Denise, as she cares for her, as well as the rest of the family.

  • Sue Reece, Nancy Cockerham's sister, passed away on Thursday, 2/2/24.

  • Barbara Barnes, friend of Andrea Holt, was in a serious car accident and is in Baptist Hospital.

  • Kenneth Marshall, relative of James Cockerham, and church of Christ preacher in KY, passed away last week.

  • Sharlene Peebles, Christine Peebles' daughter, passed away on Thursday morning, 1/25/24. Please keep Christine, and the family and friends of Sharlene in your prayers.

  • Kelly Florence, Dixie Black’s brother, was found lost and disoriented. He is in the hospital in Greenville, TN.

  • Kay Fox, another sister in law of James Cockerham, has been struggling with cancer but has shown slight improvement.

  • Our condolences to the family of Shirley Willard’s granddaughter, who recently passed away from complications from the flu. She was 36 years old.

  • Buster Eagle, friend of the Kivett family, passed away.

  • Tom Ficcio, co-worker of Michael Hinesley, had successful eye surgery this past week, and appreciates all the prayers.​​

  • Ginger Nobles, friend of Wanda Cline, is experiencing pain and fatigue due to her cancer and cancer treatments.

  • Charity Reagan, an occasional visitor at Lexington, had a stroke and is recovering in Forsyth Hospital.

  • Linda Clark, Lauren Kivett’s grandmother, desires the prayers of the church for her and for her family.

  • Caleb Dulin, a 16-year-old boy in the Wheatmore community, was critically injured in a car crash in October. He has a traumatic brain injury and needs prayers for healing.

  • Brianna McCoy, great-niece of Frankie Cline’s sister-in-law, was in a serious car accident and has numerous injuries.​

  • Carrie Phillips, James Cockerham's sister, was diagnosed with leukemia.

  • Steve McGee, Sue McGee’s widower, was diagnosed with skin cancer.

  • Adrienne Wicker, member of the Sanford congregation and friend of friend of Sue Bells, had a bad fall and is now paralyzed below the waist and has lost the use of her hands.​​​

  • Clara Goins (grandmother), Kim Cline (mother), and Kaitlyn Cline (daughter) - a family in the community in need of prayers. Kim has Stage 3 breast cancer. Clara, is also not in good health. This family desires prayers for health, strength, and healing.​​

  • Randy Maier, wife of a coworker of Frankie Cline, is undergoing her second round of radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer.​

  • Kim and Steve Livengood, friend of many in the East Davidson community, recently lost their 34 year old son, Ben, to an apparent heart attack. Ben leaves behind a wife (Katie) and two young children.​

  • Joe Long, Larry and Marian Carr's neighbor, was backed over by a concrete truck and had to have his leg amputated from the hip down.

  • Betty Godbey has been dealing with depression. She is in the Davie Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Mocksville.

  • Jane Ward, a cousin of a good friend of Arlene McClannon, has completed all of her many surgeries and is doing well! She will have in home PT, OT, and radiation. Please keep her in your prayers during her treatments.​​

  • Robin Shrewsbury, Tiffany Christie's aunt, continues to undergo chemotherapy to treat her lung cancer.



Church Family


  • Great News! Jonathan Kivett was baptized into Christ after Wednesday's Bible Class!

  • Joyce Murray has had a lingering cough. She had x-rays done recently on her lungs and the results are pending.

  • Gloria Waddle has been having trouble breathing. The cause is still unknown after testing. Please pray answers can be discovered and her health can improve.

  • Annette Idol is now scheduled to have a hip replacement on February 27th. She will be staying with her daughter, Sherry, until the surgery.

  • Marion Carr’s memorial service was here at the building on Saturday, February 10th. Marion passed away on Thursday afternoon, 1/25/24. Please keep Larry and the family and friends of Marion in your prayers.​​

  • Jessica Sparks received good news at her follow up appointment last week. The mass on her ovary is no longer there.

  • Samantha Peters has an inner ear infection and vertigo.

  • Henry McDuffie has been feeling unwell.

  • Tiffany Christie has a hairline crack in her collarbone along with whiplash from a recent car accident. She should make a full recovery in about 6-8 weeks.

  • Chris Hedrick has been feeling unwell.​​​

  • Ron Stockton's procedure went well. He spent a night in the hospital as a precaution, and should have a heart ablation in a few months.​​

  • Ginger Stockton will most likely require surgery on two bulging discs in her back. Ginger will see her doctor in January to get a more definitive answer and timeframe.​​

  • Dixie Black has been having pain in her back.​​

  • Hannah Harper has relocated to Charlotte, NC to start a new job. Prayers are appreciated for this new chapter in Hannah’s life.​​​​​​​

  • Tammy Joina, Georgia Wheaton's daughter, needs prayers for both physical and spiritual needs.​​​​​​​

  • Gary Harper continues to deal with ongoing health issues.

  • Wendy Essick has been experiencing a lot of pain as she continues to deal with her health issues.


  • Please continue to remember our shut ins in your thoughts and prayers: Ruby Caudle, Ron & Ginger Stockton, Brenda Hazel, and LH Orman.

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