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In Our Prayers

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!" -James 5:16 

Friends & Family


  • Jim Cline, Frankie Cline’s uncle, had a successful open-heart surgery this past week, after having a heart attack.

  • Ruby Boles, Annette Idol’s sister, fell last Sunday and had to be admitted to Baptist hospital.

  • Naomi Isaacs, Nancy Cockerham's aunt, passed into eternity on Wednesday, May 29th, at the age of 100.

  • Condolences to the family of Helen Kinley, Judy Kinley’s sister-in-law, who passed away from a brain bleed that she obtained during a fall. Helen was the wife of an elder at the Corinth congregation.​

  • Samantha Miller, friend of Samantha Peters, was admitted to Baptist Hospital recently, to determine what is causing her to continue to pass out.

  • Annette Idol's son in law, Mike, had a sister die recently.

  • Wyatt, a friend of Tanner Sparks, recently injured a tendon and broke a knee cap, during a baseball game.

  • Mike Allred, friend of many at Lexington, has a skin issue and desires our prayers.

  • Eric Duggins, the man who takes care of the Stockton's yard, is in much better spirits after having surgery on his right eye. Surgery on his left eye will happen soon.

  • Steve McGee, Sue McGee's widower, was in a motorcycle wreck recently. He broke his hand and wrist, and fractured a few vertebrae and ribs. He is awaiting surgery.

  • Ryan Moody, friend of the Hinesleys, is improving overall, but is still receiving weekly in-patient chemotherapy treatments at Baptist.​​

  • Pat Johnson, sister of Susan Johnson, has been diagnosed with cancer. Susan used to identify with Lexington.​

  • Scott Sherett, cousin of Samantha Peters, had a mild heart attack and is in the hospital.

  • Tony Crotts, Eloise Shadrick’s son-in-law has aggressive prostate cancer.​

  • Please keep all of the contacts from the recent “Door Knocking Campaign” in prayer; that God’s Word may be received with open hearts.

  • Karisha Hayton, relative of Nancy Cockerham, has been diagnosed with cancer.

  • Bobby Hedrick, Chris Hedrick's father, had been admitted to the hospital recently with the flu, pneumonia, kidney stones and dehydration. 

  • Jennifer Foster, friend of the Christie Family, lost her father recently.​

  • Libby Freedle’s brother is in need of prayer.

  • Fergy Sherod, James Cockerham’s sister, had to have two stints placed after a heart attack.​​

  • Betty Godby, has been moved to Brookstone of Clemmons Nursing Home. Her new address is: 4430 Clemmons Road, Clemmons, NC, 27012, Room 9B

  • Sara Carter, Ellera Lambeth’s sister, fell recently. She broke her femur and a bone in her neck. She had surgery to repair her injuries.​​

  • David Davis, Jessica Sparks' father, continues to need our prayers for his recovery. He has a hematoma on top of his blood clots. He is being seen by a wound specialist and a physical therapist. ​​​

  • Frances Wright, Lindsay Wilson’s grandmother, is recovering from a stroke and a fall. She is back in Galax, VA, receiving rehab. Please pray for Frances and for Lindsay‘s mother, Denise, as she cares for her, as well as the rest of the family.


  • Barbara Barnes, friend of Andrea Holt, was in a serious car accident and is in Baptist Hospital.​​​

  • Kay Fox, another sister in law of James Cockerham, has been struggling with cancer but has shown slight improvement.​

  • Ginger Nobles, friend of Wanda Cline, is experiencing pain and fatigue due to her cancer and cancer treatments.

  • Linda Clark, Lauren Kivett’s grandmother, desires the prayers of the church for her and for her family.​​​

  • Brianna McCoy, great-niece of Frankie Cline’s sister-in-law, was in a serious car accident and has numerous injuries.​

  • Carrie Phillips, James Cockerham's sister, was diagnosed with leukemia.​

  • Steve McGee, Sue McGee’s widower, was diagnosed with skin cancer.​​​

  • Adrienne Wicker, member of the Sanford congregation and friend of friend of Sue Bells, had a bad fall and is now paralyzed below the waist and has lost the use of her hands.​​​

  • Clara Goins (grandmother), Kim Cline (mother), and Kaitlyn Cline (daughter) - a family in the community in need of prayers. Kim has Stage 3 breast cancer. Clara, is also not in good health. This family desires prayers for health, strength, and healing.​​​

  • Randy Maier, wife of a coworker of Frankie Cline, is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer.​​

  • Joe Long, Larry  Carr's neighbor, was backed over by a concrete truck and had to have his leg amputated from the hip down.​​

  • Tammy Joina, Georgia Wheaton's daughter, needs prayers for both physical and spiritual needs.​​

  • Robin Shrewsbury, Tiffany Christie's aunt, continues to undergo chemotherapy to treat her lung cancer.​



Church Family


  • LH Orman is receiving in-home hospice care to avoid a hospital stay. Please keep LH and his family in prayer.

  • Samantha Peters had a successful surgery on her sinuses this past week. She is recovering at home.

  • Andrea Holt is still dealing with stomach pain.

  • Henry McDuffie has been feeling unwell.

  • Annette Idol has been having severe pain in her right hip and leg. Please pray for relief.

  • Kaitlin Kivett was baptized into Christ on 5/27/24!

  • Tanner Sparks was baptized into Christ on 5/29/24!

  • Ron Stockton has no apparent breaks or fractures in his right hip or his right shoulder. Ron received a shot in his right shoulder to help with his pain. An MRI has been scheduled for June 28 to check on some issues in his back.

  • Ginger Stockton continues to improve from her recent back surgery.

  • Nancy Sink does not have a fracture in her ankle. She will be in a short walking boot for 6-8 weeks to help her recover from the sprain and swelling.

  • Joann Elliott has been feeling unwell.

  • Libby Freedle has been feeling unwell.

  • Gloria Waddle is experiencing dizziness issues.

  • Condolences to the family of Helen Kinley, Judy Kinley’s sister-in-law, who passed away from a brain bleed that she obtained during a fall. Helen was the wife of an elder at the Corinth congregation.​

  • Carolyn Spurrier is still in need of prayers as she continues to recover from her recent procedure and hospital stay.

  • Bobby and Razel Beard were baptized into Christ in May!

  • James Cockerham's pancreas is not working properly at this time. A further course of action is to be determined.​​

  • Virginia Sherman has been having serious pain in her foot.

  • Stacy Stanley desires prayers for improved health.​​

  • Larry Carr had some skin cancer removed from his left leg recently.​

  • Great News! Jonathan Kivett was baptized into Christ in February.

  • Hannah Harper has relocated to Charlotte, NC to start a new job. Prayers are appreciated for this new chapter in Hannah’s life.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Gary Harper continues to deal with ongoing health issues.


  • Please continue to remember our shut ins in your thoughts and prayers: Ruby Caudle, Ron & Ginger Stockton, Brenda Hazel, and LH Orman.

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